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Estoy loco :iconstardust-splendor:Stardust-Splendor 90 95 I'm hungry :iconchaverinho:chaverinho 7 13
Valentines Coming !!!
:heart: The Valentine Day is coming!! :heart:
So here is my first article where I put the most helpfull as I think and mostly the newest resources which can help you to make mainly valentines cards.
I have choosen resources (like brushes/actions)only for Photoshop. I was łooking for new resources, no popular!

Hope You'll like it as same as me  
:heart: Enjoy resources and The Valentines Day :heart:
Remember to read every stock using licence
Textures and Stock Images:
Valentine Props Package by takuminanashi-stock Fractal Stock 03 by SilverRose-Stock Glitters 6 by vivstock :thumb76658232: texture set 01: love letters by goneatmidnight 100x100 Textures 4 by rainbowcolored muskaan textures all 100x100 by sparklewater :thumb75596311: rose-stock2 by loverofroses :thumb44483511: Hearts in the Sky2 by SimplyBackgrounds stock 16 by jaintabSTOCK pink wet rose by thiselectricheart Paper heart by SilvieT-Stock Pink Rose Boquet Close Up by FantasyStock :thumb29049484: ds-cherub-7 by deefilly-2
:iconemelody:eMelody 52 50
Stamps Stamps Stamps Stamps Stamps Stamps

:star: This is for all stamps collectors :star:
Here I put the most beautiful, funny and creative deviantart stamps have I ever seen ;p
I put stamps in some categories to make your life easier

Hope You'll like it as same as me !!
:star: Remember to read every stamp using licence :star:
Stamps For 'Stamp Adiccted':

Funny and Ambiguous Stamps:
:iconemelody:eMelody 135 78
Musical Composition :iconphoenix-22:Phoenix-22 19 33 ...Chrupek... :iconsokoolka:sokoolka 118 99 American Pride :icondevilssnare:DevilsSnare 5 14 American Sunset :iconkwilliamsphoto:KWilliamsPhoto 6 18 American Dreams :iconjesidangerously:jesidangerously 275 118 American Heart :iconchrippy:Chrippy 83 31
AnnaKirsten's Terrific Tuesday on a Monday!
I've been wanting to put a huuuge splash of colour up here for a long time, and as I don't know what tomorrow brings, I thought I'd get on and do this project right now.  (It IS Tuesday in some parts of the globe in any case!!)
I fall out of love, and then back in love with fractals!  
I'm not sure, but there's something about fractals that either repel me for short periods of time (possibly when I'm over-saturated by their glorious appearance), or on the other hand, they inexplicably draw me to them at a deep level.  
I put the deep-level appreciation down to a kind of analogy in Creation.  Those of you who know me, know I believe in God's Creation by Design.  To me, the infinitesimal qualities of a fractal are somehow symbolic of this Grand Design, to which there is no beginning and no end.  The Maths behind them is surely on a par with the inherent Maths involved in C
:iconannakirsten:AnnaKirsten 32 39
Stamp: Lion King :iconzurviving:Zurviving 329 53 I support Coke stamp :iconn-ico:N-ico 859 109 Bisexual and proud stamp :icontrinitylast:trinitylast 620 183 American Pride Stamp :iconstarda45:Starda45 405 93





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---Please read, if you are visiting my page because I gave you a lama.
------The reason I give Lamas are thus; either I am returning the lama you gave me, or I gave you a lama because you fav'd one of my deviations. So if you’re here to thank me you can comment on my page if you'd like, but I also wouldn't mind a lama back. :}

Now some stuff about me;
Hmmm… let's do this. Someone me ask me a question and I'll answer it and then post it here. I give you all a challenge, asking me anything, and I will answer it. I'm an open book. There ain't no question that will embarrass me.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Stamp by grezar
I had a Root Canal done this morning, yay me!!! At least there is no more pain.
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